Download MP3 OwnerGuard 2.5.3

OwnerGuard is a new technology in Digital Rights Management (DRM) and data protection systems which is designed specially for file distribution and licensing over internet and local networks. MP3 OwnerGuard uses this technology for MP3 Audio Files. So that you can sell and distribute your valuable Audios in MP3 format while OwnerGuard protects digital rights for them. This product also protects your MP3 files from direct sound recorders to make a real protection system for audio files. Brief Features . Protection for CD/DVD burning. . Protection against direct sound recorders. . Advanced 256 bit AES encryption system for protected MP3s. . Support wide range of limitations for data users including Machine-Dependency, Windows-Dependency, OLE Drag&Drops, Modification, Play Duration, Expiration Date, Open Count, Creation Count and .... . Advanced digital rights protection system to protect your ownership while new files are creating using your licensed MP3 Audios. . Online licensing system for licensed files in local networks or internet. . Offline licensing system (License Code) for licensed files to ease data marketing on the net. . Support OLE Automation to use with server pages or other applications to automate licensing process over internet or ... . Support Machine Dependent/Independent license codes. . Support multiple/single digital ownership rights for protected MP3s. . Support multiple projects creation to make groups for your licensed MP3s. . Fully functional hierarchical reseller licensing system to ease license distribution on the net. . Strong login system to prevent unauthorized users to access owners licensing system on his computer.
5.4 MB
Windows NT/2000/XP/2003

Free download MP3 OwnerGuard 2.5.3 - MP3OwnerguardPersonal.exe

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