Download CoverPro 7.2.1

CoverPro is "The Original CD/DVD Cover Printing Utility." CoverPro was created for the purpose to easily print predesigned or scanned CD covers and labels. CoverPro is a breeze to use. Simply load the cover image that you want, select either front or back cover and click print. CoverPro will automatically adjust the image to the proper size so that your covers will fit perfectly in your CD jewel case. CoverPro also gives you full control to fine tune and customize the print size and print position if desired. CoverPro comes with 7 CD templates plus 5 user-defined templates that you can print anything from DVD covers to VHS labels to floppy/Zip disks.
Direct Logic Systems
Shareware; $9.99
1.8 MB
Windows 98/Me/2000/XP

Free download CoverPro 7.2.1 - cover72.exe

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