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Duplicate Music Files Finder can search for music file duplicates, play them, and give you the option to delete any of them. The program uses smart search techniques so it shouldn't take too long to search your entire music collection. It offers 4 searching modes: file name comparison, file size comparison, CRC matching and advanced searching mode. Also, the program supports automatic file renaming for badly formatted music files.

Advanced searching can be configured using the "Options" window. The search algorithm can be configured to ignore digits, only compare files with same size, use ID3 tags for searching, and ignore text in brackets. Also, songs whose names contain texts defined by the user (for ex:"track", "intro", "outro"), can be ignored while searching. The user can choose to scan only files with certain file extensions.

The file renaming module can be used to replace "_" with space, to add or remove spaces before and after "-", and so on. For quick access to the program's functions, hot keys can also be defined. I used this software to search for normal file duplicates, using CRC checking, and it worked great.

Pluses: I searched 4.5 GB of music in just 4 seconds, using ID3 tag comparison, on an Athlon 3000+ with 512 MB of RAM and Samsung SP2014N hard disk (200GB, 7200 RPM, 8MB Buffer Memory, ATA Interface). File name and file size comparison are even faster. CRC matching takes a lot of time because the program has to read more data from the files.

Drawbacks / flaws: The program doesn't have an installation kit, it just runs where it was downloaded. Also, be careful because the files you choose to delete aren't moved to the recycle bin.

In conclusion: Compared to other products that aren't free it offers quite good speed and many useful features.

version reviewed: 1.5
LC IBros Solutions SRL
317 KB
Windows 98/Me/NT/2000/XP/2003

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