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Gin Rummy Pro is a gin rummy card game in which you can play the game a variety of ways and speeds. The variable AI can be a real challenge, and your cards are presented before you in such a way that you can easily see what you've got (something that can be a challenge on a computer screen where you can't manually rearrange your cards). The game and help file are available in English and French (same download). If you're a Gin Rummy fan, check out Gin Rummy Pro. This 32-bit game offers a colorful interface with very large cards. Three game modes are included: Gin, Oklahoma, and Maximum knock = 10, each with four levels of play. You can decide the number of points you have to reach from preconfigured amounts, and choose that, if your first upcard is Ace, you have to Gin or the maximum knock = 1. Other options let you pick from an English or French interface, select from five speeds, and toggle on/off a suggestion feature.
Shareware; $19.95
266 KB
Windows 95/98/NT/2000

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