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"...I remember when I, for the first time, has doubled a FULL HOUSE on a real card machine. I still remember that joyful emotion when I was pressing the frayed buttons of the game panel. I remember that smoky hall, I remember the clangour of coins in plastic glass in my hand, I remember rapturous hum of voices. And now, after so many years, I want to return to those paradisiacal times, to the past, to the past - but there is no return..." Denis Sadoshenko from "The Guidebook to the "Fifth Dimension"" novel Want to hit the jackpot in Vegas? Practice first on our outstanding video poker imitation Crazy Poker 2: Return to Paradise! All the winning combinations of a Las Vegas poker machine with original characters and hilarious music. Even true connoisseurs of video poker will not be disappointed. Play and WIN !!! Developed by Fifth Dimension Company
Fifth Dimension Company
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Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP/2003

Free download Crazy Poker 2 millennium - crazypoker2_free.exe

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