Download Lottomaniak.NET 1.2.0

Lottomaniak.NET features include online lottery draw results updates, 17 interesting statistics, extended tickets filtering, printing the generated tickets on the original bet slips, filtered wheeling systems, lottery draw results import/export, past results search, tickets checking. It helps the players of European, American, Canadian and other worldwide lotteries. Provides both statistical analysis of past results and pure mathematical probability statistics. Statistics included: Most drawn numbers, Even-Odd, Sum of numbers, Sequence, Numbers Patterns, Horizontal areas, Vertical areas, Cross areas, Circular areas, Number Endings, Max/min difference, Ranges, Ranges (sorted), Prior numbers, Lazy numbers, Pairs, Temperatures. Free Trial Program Software Download. Software you can easy understand!
SmartKite Software
Commercial Demo; $49.95 to buy
6.3 MB
Windows 98/NT/2000/XP/2003

Free download Lottomaniak.NET 1.2.0 - LottomaniakSetup.EXE

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