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Quotelogger is an invaluable tool for online traders to download stock market prices from the major stock exchanges. The desktop application downloads daily (end-of-day), intraday (up to 500 ticks) historical data as well as live stock quotes. The stock data is obtained from various free web-based sources and is accessed through the QuoteLogger user-friendly desktop application. Quotelogger saves the data in a user-defined ASCII format, making it easy to access in your favorite trading application. You can view your data as a table or chart and even schedule updates. The live stock data means you get a snapshot of current market indices and/or your equity portfolio. The application interface is based upon Windows Explorer, so most users will find the application intuitive and easy to use. Basic charting and indicator funtionality are also included.
1.0 MB
Windows 2000/XP

Free download QuoteLogger 1.05 - QLA.exe

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