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Folder Marker is one of those little utilities that once you have it you wonder how you ever did with out it. It lets you mark your Windows Explorer folders in a couple of different ways, either using the context menu (right click) or by starting the Folder Marker program and browsing. It enables you to quickly change folder icons to indicate a priority level or project status (high, low, done, half-done, planned, etc.) or you can use it to mark a folder with a special icon or color of your choice. Folder Marker supports single and multiple folder selections, and includes an option to restore the original icon(s). Do you fear that someone might unintentionally delete information necessary to you? Mark a folder, and other users will notice at once that that folder contains important information for you. Changing folder icons, Folder Marker will help you to cope with the standard yellowness. Download Folder Marker now and change folder icons!
ArcticLine Software
922 KB
Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP/2003

Free download Folder Marker - FolderMarkerSetup.exe

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