Download HandySnap 1.3

HandySnap is a precision-engineered screen capture utility designed to take snapshots of any portion of the computer screen and inserting comments and various graphics to captured images. The use of HandySnap screenshots in multimedia presentations, manuals or web articles makes them aesthetically pleasing and gives a touch of professionalism to your work. However the most important benefit is that screenshots will help your customers find their way with your software product, regardless of how complex its functionality might be. HandySnap features a tiny, concise user interface that doesn’t obscure the desktop. By implementing a Photoshop-style design in the interface, the program minimizes the learning curve for users who can start using the program right out of the box. The interface consists of three main areas with a set of icons – capture tools area, built-in editor, and screenshot operations area. Any screenshot action is available in one click. With HandySnap, you can capture any portion of the screen by using a resizable trimming frame, take a snapshot of an active window, the whole desktop or repeat the last capture action. After a screenshot is taken, the image displays in a separate window where it can be further edited using a multitude of markers. You can add textual comments, pixel art symbols, arrows, free-hand lines, rectangular frames, or ellipses. To give your screenshot a professional gloss, you can experiment with a semi-transparency effect, modify object color and line size. Any object can be easily moved over the screenshot. To be more productive, you can customize HandySnap to use hotkeys or automate certain capture actions. You can get the program generate file names based on the specified pattern, send screenshots to clipboard or save to files.
WisePixel Multimedia
Shareware; $29.00
1.9 MB
Windows 95/98/Me/2000/XP

Free download HandySnap 1.3 - hsnap_setup.exe

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