Download Makaha 6.1.1

Makaha V6.1 Professional graphic-video viewer, can view the most popular graphic formats, create thumbnails, has a 100 option slide show with videos and MP3 music, creates GIF animations of any size, converts to over 40 formats, view videos, graphics, and listen to music all at once. Features Include: * Change Windows screen resolution on the fly * Create and view GIF animations for Web pages * Instant Slide Shows with Videos and MP3 * Plugins supported * Twain Scanning - Digital Cameras - Frame Grabbers * Create thumbnails for all your graphics * Visual Editor * Convert from/to most graphic formats * Resize graphics * Color Conversion * Image Processing * Search & Replace pixels * Add text of any color, font or size to your graphics. * Effects * Filters * 28 Wipes * Magnify * Clipboard * Zoom * Drag Zoom * Flip * AVI Creator and AVI to BMP * File Compression up to 200 times smaller then original size * QuickShots & Thumbnails * Movies-Adjustable size screen * Animations-Adjust speed, frame by frame play * Stereo Sound playing. 1 or all * Top, Desktop, Window, Captures * The Play Bin (saved play selection) * Textures - add background textures to any graphic * Over 50 formats supported * Progressive JPEG - You set amount of passes * Supports GIF & TIF format with comments * Icons (just click on Icon to convert to a BMP) * Color Picker - Get any color from a graphic in LONG, HEX, and RGB. * AutoSave feature (just click and save) now supports 6 formats * E-mail all displayed graphics * Shockwave Flash Videos supported * Create instant Web Pages of all your graphics (web sites & Hard Drives) * Read ZIP files (read text, help, and view graphics without unzipping file. * Search complete drive for graphics, and run from one list * PhotoColor - Colorize, like movie posters * MANY more features!
Brandyware Software
Shareware; $49.95
5.3 MB
Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP

Free download Makaha 6.1.1 - makaha.exe

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