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2Bitmap is a graphics converter allowing you to convert images to gif format from 50 image file types including conversions from gif to bmp, from jpeg to bitmap, from tiff to bmp and so on. The program has no windows interface and is fully optimized for working in background mode. 2Bitmap processes multiple files at a time. If you have a huge number of images and need to convert them to bmp format - 2Bitmap is the best solution. You need only to point the program to folder with files you want to convert and specify folder for storing converted bitmaps. The program will scan subfolders for image files, create report and delete input files - if you want it to. 2Bitmap is not only bitmap converter, it is a bitmap editor as well. The following image editing features are available - margins crop, rotation, mirror effect. You can also change image size, make a single image collage from several images, specify image background color and even use one of 6 color correction methods or any of 4 photo enhancement effects. And remember that all these edits can be applied to multiple files at the same time. With 2Bitmap you have a full control over output bitmap files color depth and resolution (dpi). Dithering and quantization allows to fine-tune the output bitmap image quality. 2Bitmap works in command prompt or DOS mode. It can be easily launched from Visual C++, Visual Basic or Delphi application or from Visual Basic or ASP script. 2Bitmap works under Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP. Input supported formats are: ico, cur, ani, bmp, dib, rle, gif, jpeg, jpg, jpe, pcd, pcx, dcx, png, ppm, pbm, pgm, tga, tif, tiff, wbmp, wbm, wmf, apm, emf, wpg, psd, img, gem, iff, ras, sgi, xbm, xpm, dxf, rle, pict, pic, pct, psp, jng, mng, clp, cut, fpx, jp2, jpc, j2k, jpx, j2c.
Commercial Demo; $125.00
3.2 MB
Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP

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