Download 3D Photo Browser for Digital Camera 8.51

3D Photo Browser for Digital Camera is a must for viewing, editing and organizing your image, video and audio files. It displays high quality thumbnails in a comfortable customizable window. You see your whole photos library thanks to the multi-folders view. It recognizes more than 60 image formats and most of audio files. You can describe each file using the keywords and information panel then export/import to/from a database or make advanced search based on this information. The image viewer includes a wide range of tools (rotate, crop, resize, filters...), slides show, conversion and printing features. You can play audio files and edit MP3 information (author, title, track...). Nothing is more simple that printing a contact sheet of a directory content. You control accurately page setup (fonts, colors...) and can add information under each image using tags feature. Once your settings done, you can save them in the template library. Batch command feature allows applying a set of commands to a set of files. For example, you can - in a single step - resize, rotate, then convert to 128 colors a set of images. Create your own batch command, save it, or load one of the samples from the batch command library. Export your images to the web using the HTML format. Select the HTML template that fits your needs and let 3D Photo Browser for Digital Camera do the job for you. 3D Photo Browser for Digital Camera offers a wide range of advanced features, which list increases day by day, thanks to the regularly updates. For example, you can manage albums, send images by email (including resizing and conversion feature), capture still images or movie from screen, rename a set of files, manage your favorites directories, search for files, create AVI or animated GIF from a set of images...
Shareware; $29.00 to buy
8.3 MB
Windows 98/Me/NT/2000/XP/2003

Free download 3D Photo Browser for Digital Camera 8.51 - 3DPhotoBrowserDC.exe

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