Download tApCalc Financial tape calculator(Arm & xScale) 1.44

tApCalc Finance is a handy financial calculator for Pocket PC. It provides a simulated paper tape that allows users to record calculations and save them for future reference. Paper tape simulation has many advantages. You can start a calculation and continue adding new calculations till you have entered all data, you can edit wrong data in the calculation and recalculate without re-entering all data again. The tape can also be saved as a txt file for editing with other applications such as Pocket Word. In addition to standard calculator functions and memory functions, tApCalc Finance provides a host of other financial functions. <BR> - TVM functions (PV, FV, PMT, i and n). Used for Mortgage payment, loan, Amortization of loan.<BR> - Discounted Cash Flow (IRR,NPV) <BR> - Depreciation using SL, SYD, and DB methods <BR> - Paper tape option to record all calculations that can be saved,edited,rerun without reentering all data again. Greate companion while travelling or making long calculations prone to mistakes<BR> - Save and Beam options to save or send calculations<BR>
Softtrends Software Pvt Ltd
Commercial Demo; $9.95 to buy
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Windows Tablet PC

Free download tApCalc Financial tape calculator(Arm & xScale) 1.44 -

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