Download Photo Name Changer 1.0

The easy way to rename and manage digital photos. Using digital camera to catch the pictures is common thing today. But the file name begins with something like DSCxxxxx is meaningless. The number of these photos is growing day by day. Renaming these files once you took them and copied them to the computer will help you to organize, search and manage them in the future. Photo Name Changer is the tool to make this job easier. The whole or partial filename can be replaced by file date and time, current date and time, automatically increased series numbers, or the text from a list that can be defined by yourself. The format of the date and time and the number of the series number digit can also be customized by you. With this very easy to use tool, you can say bye-bye to the days that you have to face a lot of unmeaningful DSCxxxxx filename of photos.
Shareware; $9.95 to buy
1.7 MB
Windows 98/Me/NT/2000/XP/2003

Free download Photo Name Changer 1.0 - PhotoNameChangerSetup.exe

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