Download FreePicGrabber 3.2

Search on any word or phrase, and FreePicGrabber scours the Web for you, finding images, videos, clip art, and stock photos from around the world. Just pick the files you want by their small (thumbnail) view, and the full files are downloaded to your hard drive. Preview images by hovering your mouse over them. A full-screen slide-show viewer easily lets you see all your images in order. The optional Parental Control feature lets you filter out nude, erotic, and adult content. With the Web Gallery Grabber, you can instantly download any gallery you find while surfing the Web. Proprietary IntelliGrab technology grabs only the media you want, not thumbnails or banner ads. This powerful program is a must for serious Web-media users. Version 3.2 adds new search options and improves performance.
Shareware; $24.95
1.2 MB
Windows 98/Me/2000/XP/2003

Free download FreePicGrabber 3.2 - FreePicGrabberInstallDC.exe

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