Download MediaDex Standard 1.0

MediaDex Standard is a complete Digital Asset Management solution for individual creative professional and amateur users, who need to find, create, and share digital assets such as images, layouts, multimedia, video, audio, and text. It offers a rich feature set, including multiple cataloging processes, powerful search capabilities, multiple- size thumbnail previews and customizing options to publish images as slide shows or as Web albums on HTML pages. For amateur and professional photographers, MediaDex Standard offers support for EXIF, IPTC, XMP formats and features professional color management. Easy and exhaustive cataloging ; MediaDex Standard assists you to catalog your digital assets via drag and drop, perform multiple cataloging processes simultaneously in the background and offers an auto-catalog option. MediaDex Standard creates a Record for each catalogued digital file and reads out number of Fields that contain information about the file. These Fields include the path to the location where the original file is stored, the filename, a small thumbnail image and the date the record was created and modified. The fields can also include specific metadata such as IPTC data (captions and other information), EXIF data (technical data acquired from the camera), XMP and additional information that you choose. Extensive customizability ; MediaDex Standard solution offers many configurable click-and-choose set-up options that allow immediate utilization of the software for digital media files control and management. Customize category and record fields, previews, thumbnail quality, record view sets and searches. Finally, with Preferences window, you have the ability to save your settings as pre-configured preference sets and configure the software features easily to meet your specific needs. MediaDex standard includes a wealth of other features and advantages such as extensive find options, enhanced presentation features, faster workflow with MediaDex Actions.
MediaDex FZ-LLC
Shareware; $49.95
56.1 MB
Mac OS X/98/Me/XP

Free download MediaDex Standard 1.0 - MediaDex_Standard_Win.exe

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