Download EzyEating 4.00.0026

Does planning your evening meal take just as long as actually preparing it? Do you go shopping and not really know what you need for the week? Then EzyEating is for you! (now with a MASSIVE free recipe BONUS!) EzyEating recipe software makes storing and recording of recipes very simple. Once you have stored all your favorite you can really take advantage of the benefits of this software: - Randomly generate weekly/daily menu - Create itemised shopping list (youd be surprised at the money you save!) - Search all your recipes with a powerful yet easy to use search functionality - Take advantage of the diverse range of recipes already stored in the database - Share your recipes with friends via email - Print out a cookbook of all the recipes in the database For the price, this is just outstanding value. Many people tell me they save the price of the software after the very first shopping trip. Something you think you need that EzyEating doesnt do? Fill in the feedback form and let us know! Dont wait any longer - Buy EzyEating today!
Dr Patch Pty Ltd
Shareware; $9.95
6.1 MB
Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP/2003

Free download EzyEating 4.00.0026 - EzyEating-Demo.exe

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