Download MyPlot Chart Editor 1.0

MyPlot is the analogue of text editors in the area of plotting. With the help of this program, the chart manipulation becomes similar to the text one. You can easily and quickly create, edit, save and print out various types of graphs: Bar, Pie, Line, Gantt, Area, etc. At that, the editing means: - change a position, size and appearance of chart elements; - change fonts of chart elements; - change a quantity and type of diagrams and statistical functions on the chart; - change data according to that are plotted series and statistical functions. When adjusting the appearance of the chart all changes done by you are immediately displayed on the screen. If it is required to cancel the changes made, you can easily do it with a click of a mouse button. Data for a diagram can be obtained by different ways: - you can enter them manually using the special data table; - you can copy data from other tables via Windows clipboard, for example: Word or Excel tables; - you can import data from files; - you can use various mathematical functions. The plotted charts you can export to common graphics formats (BMP, WMF and EMF).
YPS software
Shareware; $29.00 to buy
1.1 MB
Windows 98/Me/2000/XP

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