Download OLCalendarSync 1.30

With OLCalendarSync you can synchronize any Outlook-Calendar with other people. The synchronization works in the background through your e-mail – allowing synchronizing appointments easily over the net, and for your convenience it excludes private appointments. The installation is straight forward. To install and use this application you only need your Outlook to be configured with an e-mail account (POP3). After completing the install you will find a new property tab under each Calendar, where you can administrate the synchronization features. To configure the Add-In you only enter an access key and the e-mail address of your synchronization partner. OLCalendarSync is very convenient to: - Synchronize your Outlook appointments from home with your office. - Let your PA add appointments while on the other side of the world. - Synchronize birthday dates with friends and family. - Synchronize your calendars across your team. - Synchronize the Outlook calendar on your laptop with your desktop. - Check appointments against those of colleagues on the road. - Book appointments for mobile colleagues. - Outlook net folder alternative (net folders from OL2000).
Shareware; $30.00 to buy
635 KB
Windows 2000/XP

Free download OLCalendarSync 1.30 - OLCalendarSync_eng.msi

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