Download PC iMail 2006

Create and send HTML newsletters with attachments and mail merge fields, and with configurable time delays between messages. Imports contacts from Outlook and extracts email addresses from web pages. Improve sales with low cost product advertisements! Many group mail delivery services will charge on a per-mailing basis, resulting in on-going and costly marketing expenses. PC iMail will pay for itself after only a single mailing, and will give you full control over your message content and delivery. PC iMail sends an individual message to each contact and hides the email addresses of other members of the group. It will include mail merge fields in each message (first name and last name) and automatically processes remove requests. PC iMail also lets users set a time delay between groups of messages, to comply with limitations that many Internet Service Providers apply to group mailings. Designed to work on Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP, PC iMail includes an installation and uninstallation program and a small memory footprint of less than 2 MB. Other features include a built-in HTML editor, online help, and free technical support.
ProSoft Apps
Shareware; $49.95
1.3 MB
Windows 2000/XP/2003

Free download PC iMail 2006 - pcimail.exe

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