Download Scrippy 3.02

Scrippy makes it easy to create beautiful customized e-mail stationery and web pages. Your creations can use multiple scrolling borders, overlapping backgrounds, music, and much more. General Features: simple user interface with lots of pop-up help available; no knowledge of HTML required, not now, not ever; 16 samples to get you started; easy to learn by experimenting; preview mode to see how your composition will look; your creations auto-size to the recipient's window; your creations are compatible with Microsoft and Netscape browsers; easy install and uninstall - your system's setup is not changed. Graphics features: supports JPG, GIF, animated GIF, and PNG formats; automatic preview of graphics while browsing; recently used graphic files are listed for quick access; automatic size settings for graphics in the stationery; graphic files do not need to be in any specific directory; transparency feature to make pictures partly see-through. Sound features: supports MID, WAV, AU, AIFF, and streaming formats; automatic preview of sounds while browsing; recently used sound files are listed for quick access; adjustable volume controls; can use multiple sounds in one stationery; sound files do not need to be in any specific directory. Your Scrippy compositions are made up of objects. The following object types are supported. (In most cases many objects of the same type can be used at once.) Background - multiple background layers can be used; Message - full control of fonts and colors; Sound; Scrolling border - any edge, various directions and speeds; Ticker - a variety of animated status bar message options; Positioned objects - single image or repeated scroll; Frames - a visible border around another object; Containers - use these to create advanced layout effects.
Amthor Technologies Inc.
Shareware; $39.00
1.0 MB
Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP

Free download Scrippy 3.02 - scrippy302.exe

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