Download FotoTagger 2.0

FotoTagger is an application designed to annotate image files, in order to include extra information that you might think is relevant. You can add or remove tags, move them or hide them. Added tags can be edited, in case you consider that you need to add extra information. Images can be resized or rotated, while the tags can be exported to XML files. Edited files can be sent via email, exported as HTML files or published on online blogs. The program contains direct links to and to

Pluses: A "Search" option is include so that you can find images by entering the tag or filename.

Drawbacks / flaws: In the version we tested, the option of sending pictures via email failed.

In conclusion: A small, nicely designed program and it is free; however it's features are kind of unsatisfying for an advanced user.

version reviewed:
Cogitum LC
1.5 MB
Windows 2000/XP

Free download FotoTagger 2.0 - FotoTagger-2.0.exe

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