Download TimeUp 4.7.60

TimeUp is a FREE online timer that keeps track of the time spent on the Internet. An icon in the system tray recognizes all internet connections on analogue and ISDN modems. It calculates your phone bill, gives you an overview per day or month in a table or even in a graph. If you work with different users on one system, TimeUp can give you an overview per user. TimeUp has a small window that can stay on top of your desktop and show you the time or cost of your connection. TimeUp can convert your costs to Euro. You can download the tariffs and holidays for your country from our website and load them into TimeUp, or make your own tariffs and holidays with an easy to use wizard.
TimeUp Soft
Adware; $11.00 to buy
2.9 MB
Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP

Free download TimeUp 4.7.60 - TimeUp.exe

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