Download IP Camera 3.1

IPCamera can continuously capture images from your webcam, and make them available as a multimedia stream. It uses ASF for video and audio compression, so you should have a compatible player to render its stream. The publisher of the program states that Windows Media Player can be used for opening these streams. The program automatically saves WMV files with the captured stream on your hard disk.

When you will first start the program you'll notice that it doesn't send any video unless you have a Philips webcam. Don't worry, you can change the capture device by modifying the program's configuration file (IPCamera.cfg). To find out what capture devices are available on my computer I installed STOIK Capturer. This is a little freeware program which, when started, will display all possible configuration choices under "Capture device". When you edit IPCamera.cfg you must modify the "VideoDevice" line. I modified it so it looks like this: "VideoDevice=SplitCam Capture" because "Splitcam Capture" was the name of my preffered capture device. The user can also adjust the playback rate, quality and local recording properties via the configuration file.

Pluses: The program runs in the background, having very little impact on system performance.

Drawbacks / flaws: No configuration windows are available because this is a system service. The program's configuration can only be modified manually.

In conclusion: This program is rather hard to configure but once it starts streaming it offers a great experience. A novice user should be able to set it up if he or she follows the instructions I wrote.

version reviewed: 3.1
Marius Gligor
Commercial Demo
184 KB
Windows 2000/XP/2003

Free download IP Camera 3.1 - IPCamera.msi

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