Download Remote System Information 3.2

Audits your network for critical hardware and software information and displays the results in a clear, exportable spreadsheet view. Remote Registry technology provides the ability to dynamically scan your network without the need to install client software. RSI will quickly scan hundreds or thousands of computers in your corporate network, and will report back information on each system in real time. Scan items include the currently logged in user, Windows product ID and installation key, system asset tag information, BIOS revisions, processor, memory, and hard drive information. Software items such as Microsoft Office versions and antivirus information, and a set of network related items relating to TCPIP and DHCP information. The ability to create custom scan items allows you to scan for software that is not predefined, such as your custom developed corporate software, or even to be able to detect the spread of spyware and viruses in your corporate network. Once scanned, you can report on individual systems, show hotfixes, and even remotely manage the systems using standard administrative tools.
Digital Labs, LLC
Shareware; $229.00
4.0 MB
Windows NT/2000/XP/2003

Free download Remote System Information 3.2 - rsi_setup.exe

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