Download Net Spy Pro 2.5

Net Spy Pro is a software application by Retina-X Studios, the creators of AceSpy. Net Spy Pro gives a network supervisor or administrator the tools they need to remotely monitor, filter and control employee or student computers. Net Spy Pro also boasts network administration tools allowing them to perform various tasks on remote PCs all from the comfort of their own workstation. Net Spy Pro runs in total stealth and is hidden within the Application Task List in Windows Task Manager. No icons or other traces of the software will be displayed on the desktop or start menu. Features enhanced activity blocking and filtering. New in v3.0 is the Remote Control PC feature which allows the administrator to fully control a PC with their own keyboard and mouse as if they were sitting in front of it! Net Spy Pro also features two different types of user activity monitoring. The first type is that of LIVE monitoring. Certain functions can be performed live to instantly "check-up" on a user. The second type of monitoring is LOGGED monitoring. This monitoring type captures specific activity and stores it on the server for later viewing. Net Spy pro also features SYSTEM CONTROL commands that are very useful. LIVE MONITORING COMMANDS INCLUDED: View Remote Desktop, Active Processes, Active Applications, System Information, System Navigation, Registry Startup Keys, Browser Favorites, Temp Histories, Open Ports, Recent Documents and Password Cache. SYSTEM CONTROL COMMANDS INCLUDED: System Lockdown, Freeze Mouse, Restart PC, Shutdown PC, Logoff User, Display Message, Launch URL, Launch Application, Run Screensaver, Hide Taskbar or Desktop icons, Empty Recycle Bin LOGGED MONITORING COMMANDS INCLUDED: Websites Visited, Chat Conversations, Keystrokes Typed, Applications Ran, Documents Opened, and Screenshots including Emails Viewed, Emails Sent, Web-Based Email The trial only works for seven days and has a limit of 60 minutes per session.
Retina-X Studios, LLC
Shareware; $49.00 to buy
1.4 MB
Windows 98/NT/2000/XP

Free download Net Spy Pro 2.5 - nsptrial.exe

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