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It is known that the browser helper objects are loaded each time the browser is started up. Such objects run in the same memory context as the browser and can perform any action on the available windows and modules. For ex., a browser helper object can install hooks to monitor messages and actions, etc .Some BHOs are helpful, like the Adobe Acrobat or Google Toolbar Browser Helper Objects, but there could be malicious ones among them that will harm your computer, especially those planted by viruses or spyware. BhoScanner allows you to discover browser helper objects of your computer including parasites and trojans. BhoScanner gives you a quick look at the BHOs installed on Local or Remote PC, tells you by coloured icons ( green icon - safe, yellow icon - unknown, red icon - harmful ) whether specific BHO is known to be safe or harmful. The program determines browser helper objects accessing remote computer registry information, so you need to have remote computer registry access rights and provide appropriate administrator ( or user ) username and password, or use your current credentials or null session if it allows you to access local or remote computer registry information.
Nsasoft LLC
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Windows 2000/XP/2003

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