Download Ace IntraSearch 1.3

Ace IntraSearch is the right tool for thorough search of your files in your local network as well as on a single computer. Seek for the necessary files not only on your own hard drive but also on your neighbor computers in shared folders! You can find any necessary files like MP3, multimedia files, Microsoft Office documents and others in your local network without any obstructions and tiresome actions. Program allows to organize more detailed scan using a great amount of parameters: files regular mask, searching strings, file attributes, size and dates. With the big number of details you'll find every file you want in your network! The result of a search is displayed in a list. Each item can be opened for view, executed, opened in Explorer, drag-n-dropped in another folder and so on.
ECREW Developers
Shareware; $24.95
707 KB
Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000

Free download Ace IntraSearch 1.3 - aceintrasearch.exe

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