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EMCO Network Inventory 3.0 is a low cost, advanced and easy to use tool that leaves no footprint on the remote computer It performs fast PC hardware inventory and software audits with very little load on the network. It has three methods to scan your whole network for all available machines and domains. Export to Access or individual PDF file for each computer. Installs on NT platform NT4-W2K-XP. Optional Exe file enclosed for Win9x systems. Enumerate LAN, will scan your network for all available machines and domains into the machine tree. Enumerate LAN via IP-Range, will scan you network from a range of IP addresses. Enumerate LAN via Domain Name, will scan a specific domain for all available machines that belongs to that domain. Detailed information from each machine, both hardware and software. License conciling with reporting feature. Compare scanned applications between the current database and another database and generate a printable report comparing the number of licenses available for each application. This allows you to observe any changes that may have occurred in licenses between networks or at different times on the same network. Machines can be marked for Auto Update of information. New machines can be detected automatically. Export scanned data to several formats, including Excel, Access, Html,Pdf, Jpg... Report scanned data and export the report to several formats. With Custom Scan Criteria process you can create your own search query for, files / registry and service existence. Scan your networking machines for password protected screen savers and auto logon activity. Scan for any files or file extensions. Scan for any registry values. Filter any scanned information from the "Filter on sub tables" data grid, before you export the data.
Shareware; $295.00
2.3 MB
Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP

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