Download F-Secure BlackLight 2.1.1010 Beta

F-Secure BlackLight Rootkit Elimination Technology detects objects that are hidden from users and security tools and offers the user an option to remove them. The main purpose is to fight rootkits and all kinds of malware that use rootkits. The F-Secure BlackLight Rootkit Elimination Technology works by examining the system at a deep level. This enables BlackLight to detect objects that are hidden from the user and security software.
F-Secure BlackLight can detect and eliminate active rootkits from the computer. Traditional antivirus scanners can't detect active rootkits.
On a normal system F-Secure BlackLight does not confront the user with a long list of suspected objects. This makes F-Secure BlackLight useful even for non-technical users.
F-Secure BlackLight Rootkit Elimination Technology can be used in the background during normal system operation. Other available scanners require a reboot during scan or may produce false positives if the system is used during scanning.
F-Secure Corp.
628 KB
Windows 2000/XP/2003

Free download F-Secure BlackLight 2.1.1010 Beta - blbeta.exe

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