Download Internet Password Recovery Wizard 1.1

Using the Internet is inseparably linked with passwords. Every time you open private pages, check your email, download or upload files via FTP or simply connect to the Internet via your Internet service provider, you authenticate yourself with a password. Almost all the software available today can optionally remember your passwords. The passwords are stored locally on your computer and either the authentication is happening behind the scene or you just see that the password is being inserted automatically. Unfortunately this feature has one significant drawback: as you trust your password keeping to the computer, you may forget your passwords. With Internet Password Recovery Wizard, you can be sure that if you forget your passwords, you will be able to recall them quickly and easily! It recovers passwords saved by all popular Internet software: Internet Explorer, Outlook Express, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Windows connections (dial-up, DSL, etc.) and even FTP passwords as saved by any FTP client software!
Shareware; $39.95
963 KB
Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP/2003

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