Download Captain Mnemo Pro 1.41

Computers play significant role in our everyday life. We rely on tireless machines in almost every aspect of our business and private life. Everything from important corporate budget planning to vacation photos comes digital. And as we enjoy this new electronic world we sometimes seem to forget how many potential threats are out there. That is why computer security becomes the major issue these days. As a solution for ever increasing data security fears many programs and services offer password protection. And to be honest, password protected environments are becoming actually secure being supported by latest technology advancements such as rock-solid encryption. However, as a drawback we get the situation when an average computer user has dozens or even hundreds of complex passwords to remember. Being truly an insurmountable task this results in passwords being written down or stored in special programs databases. But even this measure won’t speed up the whole process of finding and utilizing the required password when it is requested. So, is there a way to keep things secure yet fast and seamless? In fact, there is. Presenting Captain Mnemo, the totally innovative password management solution intended to ease your life greatly. Imagine that you could forget about passwords mess once and for good! This is possible when using Captain Mnemo. The application allows you simply type whatever you want as a password once prompted by a program or service and forget what you have typed. Once you need your password to re-login in future you will not have to memorize it. Simply open the Captain Mnemo window and voila You see all the passwords you have ever typed and where they belong to. So you just find whatever the name of program or service that requests the password and click once to get the password. Yep! It’s all that simple. No more forgotten passwords, no need to worry about data security. Captain Mnemo comes at humble price and free trial version! Give it a try
ReFog Software
Shareware; $19.95 to buy
901 KB
Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP

Free download Captain Mnemo Pro 1.41 - capmnemo.exe

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