Download Adult Photo Blanker 1.4.5

Adult Photo Blanker blanks objectionable adult images and movies. It monitors internet activity and protects the user from harmful objectionable content. It is compatible with all browsers and e-mail programs. More over, it intercepts attempts to open files and checks them for objectionable content. It works with all widely used formats of images and movie files. Unlike general blocking tools that rely on keyword filters, Adult Photo Blanker has additionally incorporated Artificial Intelligence engine that now uses 11 signs of adult scene to determine the image objectionability. Adult Photo Blanker uses special technology to embed itself into Windows so it is hidden from the process list viewing tools. So it can be closed only using its interface and only when the correct password is specified. The product is easy to use and is highly customizable to meet each family member unique needs. All the options can be specified for each user individually. You can even specify different passwords for each your family member. Main features: - Compatible with any browser - Compatible with any e-mail client - Artificial Intelligence is used to determine the image objectionability - Intercepts all images coming from Internet sites - Intercepts all image files opened on your computer - Analyzes movies for objectionable content - Has Block and Safe lists to customize each user settings individually - Has incorporated list of sites with objectionable material - Analyzes pages text for objectionable words and blocks the page if necessary - Intercepts search requests to the search engines and blocks them if the search is performed by the objectionable words - And much more minor usable features makes this utility indispensable to install on family computer, especially if children have access to it
3.5 MB
Windows 2000/XP/2003

Free download Adult Photo Blanker 1.4.5 - APBInstall.exe

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