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LojiklSweep is a flexible backup tools that can be twisted and turned, folded and moulded to fit almost any backup task. LojiklSweep was created out of a desire to be able to customize an enterprises backup requirements. Something the that we could not manage to find in any other product. Some features include : * Simple UI * Ability to create enterprise wide Backup Projects * A backup project defines what to backup, and scheduled tasks define when,where and how. This means... o No need to tediously define what to backup for each schedule. o Backup Weekly to your office server with Compression. o Backup Daily to your second Hard Disk without Compression. * Advanced Timestamping lets you backup to folders that are created by using the Current Date, or just part of the date o For example : C:BackupsDaily#d# would backup daily, creating a folder for each day, and would cycle weekly. * Easily restore files from Compress Archived backups using the the built in Restore Manager, or a compression tool that supports TAR, GZip. WinRAR, WinZIP etc.
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Windows 2000/XP/2003

Free download LojiklSweep - Setup_LojiklSweep.msi

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