Download FlexibleSoft Quick Backup 1.2

FlexibleSoft Quick Backup is a unique program for backing up and restoring data in a quick way. FlexibleSoft Quick Backup has minimum settings and it is equally good for both inexperienced users and computer gurus. You do not have to create tasks, configure a scheduler or know the difference between incremental backup and differential backup. To back up some data critical for you, just drag these folders and files from the Explorer to the special window of the program - one moment and your data is backed up! Restoring data is also as easy as that: right-click the same window of the program and select the Restore item. You will see a popup menu where you will just have to select the name you need and confirm restoring the data. FlexibleSoft Quick Backup is a brilliant, easy-to-use program with a nice interface supporting Windows XP themes. Also, the program has a lot of useful features that will make the process of backing up and restoring data easy, quick and comfortable: - Quick and reliable data backup in the selected local folder and on a network drive; - No special knowledge or skills are required to work with FlexibleSoft Quick Backup; - The process of restoring data is fully automatic, you do not have to specify the folder for the restored data; - Backups are compressed using the format compatible with zip64; - Supporting archives large than 2GB (requires the backup folder to be on an NTFS disk); - FlexibleSoft Quick Backup is always ready for work and occupies minimum space on your desktop; - Backed up data can be protected with a password; - And more convenient features you need every day; - Minimum settings; - User-friendly technical support;
FlexibleSoft Co.
Shareware; $24.97
850 KB
Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP/2003

Free download FlexibleSoft Quick Backup 1.2 - fqb.exe

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