Download Chrysanth NETime Diary 1.1

Chrysanth NETime Diary is an electronic personal diary and journal software for journal and diary writing and keeping. The diary program helps keep your personal diary organized and secure. Photos & articles may be kept safely together with your personal journal. Chrysanth NETime Diary is the best diary software available that allows you to collect your memories and events and browse through them in a natural and coherent way. Chrysanth NETime Diary is created as a personal journal software companion that helps you to capture every memorable moment of your daily life. Diary keeping becomes easy, safe and fun, while recollecting events in your life becomes a simple matter through the powerful search included in Chrysanth NETime Diary. Chrysanth NETime Diary is designed with a simple WYSIWYG interface, even the most novice computer user can start diary keeping immediately. The features of Chrysanth NETime Diary for journal and diary writing tasks include: - Powerful WYSIWYG editor that allows your journal to be formatted freely - Spell checker, to help you spot your spelling errors - Digital content attachment to your journal articles - Easy access and organization of all journal, diary articles and photos - Handy search to quickly locate any written journal in any day - Password authentication to stop prying eyes - Portable devices support, which enables you to run the program and access your journals directly from any thumb drives or flash drives You can create your entries in the WYSIWYG editor that resembles and mimics the functionality of known word processing tools you are familiar with, and the best thing is that Chrysanth NETime Diary organizes all the produced texts in a powerful and easy to understand way. The diary software requires a negligible learning process but produces high level results immediately. However, the story just does not stop here...
Chrysanth Software Sdn Bhd
Shareware; $29.95 to buy
8.8 MB
Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP

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