Download JBLab Secure Notes 2.4

JBLab Secure Notes is an info tree PIM (personal information manager) working as a personal organizer or note pad. It designed for installing on HDD or USB flash drive. This personal information manager can be used as a regular application, however a small size (0.28 Mb) allows you to use the PIM at USB flash drive. As a protected note pad, JBLab Secure Notes helps you to store text notes in an easy and safe way. As a password manager the PIM helps you to remember all your passwords. It also can be used as a contact manager or even a simple project manager. With help of JBLab Secure Notes you can: save your notes with/without password; make phone calls, execute URL, send an e-mail by dubleclicking the phone number the URL address or the e-mail address in the text. Password generator helps you to create and store passwords. You can easily copy text from other programs by using hot key. You can set the reminder for any note. And much more.. JBLab Secure Notes may run from any drive (for example, from USB Flash Drive or floppy disk). You can store all info from your note pads "on the key ring" and use it everywhere you have access to the computer with the appropriative slot and OS Windows (98, Me, 2000, XP). The password prevents other people from reading your private notes.
Shareware; $19.95
963 KB
Windows 98/Me/2000/XP

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