Download Nokia PC Suite 6.6

Nokia PC Suite 6.6 Overview:
-connect your phone and pc;
-use your phone as a modem;
-keep your data safe;
-retsore data easily;
-manage phone software;
-switch phones easily;
-organize phone contents;
-store multimedia messages;
-create and send multimedia messages;
-text from your pc;
-synchronize email;
-create and edit contacts;
-picture your contacts;
-synchronize contacts;
-save images on your pc;
-create images for your phone;
-upload a new look;
-install games easily;
-rip, play and go;
-carry music on your phone;
-mobile multimedia;
-carry data compactly;
-surf on the go.
Nokia PC Suite 6.6
22.1 MB
Windows 2000/XP

Free download Nokia PC Suite 6.6 - Nokia_PC_Suite_66_rel_16_eng.exe

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