Download SmartBackup 3.4

Create backups of files, folders or entire partitions to local hosts or network drives with SmartBackup. Backups can be compressed using the inbuilt Zip compressor to various archive formats using also password protection if necessary. Internal encryptors are also available with keys up to 128 bit; stronger encryption algorithms can be added manually. Of course, backups can be scheduled or can be set to start upon detection of a certain specified disk (Flash disk, CD, DVD) is detected. Depending on the priority of the backup process, you can use default or custom set CPU performance settings, such as: realtime, high, normal, low, idle. If you are in charge of several and remote workstations, in order to keep you up-to-date, the program can send you Automatic Backup Notifications (emails).

Pluses: An interesting feature is the Folder Monitor: the program compares the timestamps of files in the source and destination folders to detect changes and create incremental backups. The backup process can be paused and resumed and you can select the amount of resources used as in processor. For beginners, a wizard is ready to assist them through the entire backup/restoration process. Multilanguage versions available.

Drawbacks / flaws: It doesn't include the option to create backups to bootable media.

In conclusion: In all, a very good backup and restoration utility, suitable both for beginners and for advanced users.

version reviewed: 3.3.400
Regall LLC
Shareware; $29.95
3.9 MB
Windows 98/Me/NT/2000/XP/2003

Free download SmartBackup 3.4 - smartbackup_setup.exe

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