Download PowerShell XP 3.01

PowerShell for Windows XP is the newest verison of PowerShell.
It adds all the listed items (see screenshot) to your context menus (right click).
Now you can logoff/re-start/shutdown, drop to dos, edit the registry and much more, faster!
PowerShell-XP3 adds all these items to your context menus.
Right Click The "My Computer" icon.
*Add/Remove Programs
*Clean Drive
*Control Panel
*Dos Prompt
*Edit Registry
*Quit Windows
*Security Center (New)
*System Properties
*System Restore
Right Click The "Drive(s)" icon's.
*Check Drive (New)
*Clean Drive
*Defrag this Drive
*Dos Prompt
Right Click a "Folder" icon.
*Backup this Folder
*Dos Prompt
*Copy to Folder
*Move to Folder
Right Click on a File.
*Copy to Folder
*Move to Folder
Highlight and then Right Click a word on a webpage.
*Search Current News (New)
*Search Encyclopedia (New)
*Search for Images
*Search Newsgroups
*Search the Web
In "New" property menus.
*HTML Document
*Registration Entries
James A. Smith
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Windows XP

Free download PowerShell XP 3.01 - PowerShell-XP3.01-setup.exe

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