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Random Password Generator Expert is a full-featured and powerful, yet small and handy application able to generate passwords of any length and character content. The program may be used by network administrators, webmasters, internet service providers - all those who need to create and administer password protected systems, but can also be used by any person who want to protect his/her privacy by using strong passwords. Program features: Over 90,000,000,000 unique passwords. Passwords may include upper- and lowercase letters, figures and special characters.Generating passwords by masks. Password length up to 80 characters. Fixed or random password length (you may specify the minimum and maximum number of characters). Pronounceableness analysis - passwords can be random and strong but easy to pronounce. Copying output into clipboard or saving it in plain text, HTML and CSV formats. Friendly interface. Easy install and uninstall.
Shareware; $17.00
594 KB
Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP

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