Download RER AVI/MPEG/DVD/WMV/RM Video Splitter 3.0.3

This is an easy-to-use splitter and converter, but to get good results you have to pay attention to what codecs you have already installed. In the begining I tried the application with ACE Mega Codecs installed. The application was processing but besides the WMV format nothing was working. I got only black screen and just the sound.

For the best results you need to install just DivX codec without any other packages. Unfortunately the application has the codecs implemented only for playing the files but not for editing them.

After I have installed the new DivX I could manage to do anything I wanted with the application. The transformation process is not so fast as I thought but is doing its job.

Depending on what format you want to split the video file you will get some quality loss or not. Actually only by using the simple AVI format without any compression you will get no loss of quality. The good thing is that it can support video files larger than 2GB.

Pluses: very friendly interface, can split the video file in clips; supports files larger than 2GB;

Drawbacks / flaws: It has no codecs implemented for editing. You have to install the right ones.

In conclusion: Not a bad software but I think is a bit expensive for what it can make.

version reviewed: 3.0.2
RER Soft
Shareware; $20.00 to buy
7.3 MB
Windows 98/Me/2000/XP/2003

Free download RER AVI/MPEG/DVD/WMV/RM Video Splitter 3.0.3 - videosplitter.exe

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