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Topaz Moment allows you to quickly and easily capture video frames and change them into high quality mega-pixel pictures with up to a 4x resolution increase. Tired of noisy and blur frame grab from video? Topaz Moment uses the most advanced super-resolution technology to let you capture a video frame that is the cleanest, sharpest, and at highest resolution. This is your tool for capturing priceless moments and turning them into photo-quality mega-pixel prints! You can capture video frames from files in most of the common formats, such as AVI, MPG, QuickTime, RealMedia. It can also capture frames directly from DVD, VCD, and SVCD. The seemingly simple software employs four advanced technologies: (1) super-resolution that creates a higher resolution image from multiple video frames; (2) advanced noise reduction that suppresses frame noise with little loss of details; (3) edge enhancement that sharpens the picture without increased noise or overshooting; and (4) optical flow motion compensated de-interlacing to handle interlaced video sources. Using these unique techniques, Topaz Moment is perfect for transforming those messy frame captures into beautifully sharp photo prints! Features: - Input video file formats*: AVI, ASF, WMV, MPEG, QuickTime, RealMedia... - Input video device: DVD video disc, VCD, SVCD. - Video control: play normal/fast/slow, seek, step forward/backward. - Enhance picture to resolution: up to 4 times of the original resolution. - Noise reduction: advanced spatial-temporal filtering - Enhancing picture using neighboring frames: 7 frames - Advanced image sharpness without overshooting effect: continuous adjustable - Image adjustment: auto contrast and brightness, auto saturation. - Capture mode: quick capture, capture and enhance, auto-save, batch capture, video thumbnails. - Output option: cropping, scale to a specific size - Output image format: BMP, JPEG files * may need proper DirectX decoders.
Topaz Labs LLC
Shareware; $39.99
5.1 MB
Windows 2000/XP

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