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Shop-Script PREMIUM is comprehensive ecommerce shopping cart software. Provides turnkey tools to establish and manage online stores - search engine optimized, easy design integration, user friendly. Features include: - Credit cards processing (manual processing and support for major payment gateways – Authorize.Net, 2checkout, LinkPoint and many more) - PayPal, NOCHEX, WorldPay, E-Gold integrations - Attractive products catalog - Real-time shipping rates calculation - Support for sales taxes and VAT - Multi-lingual interface - Customizable currency and payment types, shipping methods, countries, zones lists, etc. - Configurable products (customer has the ability to select color, size, etc.) - Bulk products management - many more ecommerce features… see the full list at PLUS free customer support and free access to product updates!
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Any Linux Distribution/98/NT/2000/XP

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