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eQuercus is a product for simplified creation and management of web sites in various languages. Management of the structure (navigation menu) and contents is done with only a few clicks just using a browser and the information is entered in a database. So in addition to being a CMS (Content Management System), eQuercus is also an SMS (Site Management System). To construct your site all you need is an ASP page for each layout, it contains all the common graphic elements and simple functions. These functions are used to recover data for the navigation menu and contents in order to dynamically compose a page when you need it. eQuercus is a modular system that lets you assign a specific content type to every menu or list entry. The system contains a WYSIWYG editor and a module for simple documents, but you can create your own modules at any time, for example a module for managing your products. It is very easy to install the product: simply copy the ASP files of the product on your web site, you do not need to install any components. The system can be used for any ISP that offers ASP service. The current version operates with the Microsoft IIS (Internet Information Server) / ASP (Active Server Page) platform. A PHP (Hypertext Processor) will be released soon. Visit our site for a working demo. Special offer for a limited time: only $149.
Lineasoft Sagl
Commercial Demo; $149.00 to buy
1.3 MB
Windows NT/2000/XP

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