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RTN is designed to record every sound you computer system makes, expect the noise made by the fans and hard disk. What comes out of the speakers is recorded so you can store it and listen to it later. Designed to be totally easy to use and starting the actual recording involved no more then a single mouse click. The recordings are stored in MP3 or uncompressed WAV format. Possible uses include, recording online radio shows to listen to later on your portable media player (Mp3 player), recording the sounds of games so you can let others hear how you fragged that other team (or when creating sounds for games is your job, to let you hear your own creation in action), recording the sounds a product creates to add to presentations, legally removing protection from music so you can play it on other media players. We do not condone piracy, but recording your own music (not copying it) for your own use is legal. Calibration of recoding levels is done fully automatic. Can shut down your system after recording. Will warn when diskspace is low and every 30 minutes to remind you a recording is in progress. Recordings starts BEFORE you have to select where and in what format the recording is done.
Shareware; $27.00
594 KB
Windows XP/2003

Free download RecordThisNow 1.00 - fuzlez_rtn.exe

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