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The Microsoft NET version of paxScript (paxScript.NET) includes interpreter of C# and VB.NET languages. It will be extended with Delphi.NET interpreter in the future releases. The key features of paxScript.NET are: - paxScript.NET is written in C#. Source code of paxScript.NET is CLS compilant. - You can integrate paxScript.NET with your smart device project written in MS Visual Studio 2003. - paxScript.NET compiles programs into byte-code. It does not use CodeDOM and it does not generate a dynamic assembly. (paxScript.NET will generate MSIL and executable files as an option in the future releases). - Separate compilation of modules is allowed. You can combine source code modules and compiled (binary) modules in your paxScript.NET project. - Cross-language scripting is allowed. You can combine modules written in C# and VB.NET in your paxScript.NET script project. - C# interpreter (paxCSharp) is based on the ECMA-334 standard. It supports all C# language features with exception for the unsafe code and attributes. (It will support full C# 2.0 standard in the future releases). - paxCSharp extends standard of C# language with extra features which simplify the use of C# for scripting needs. - paxScript.NET is implemented as a .NET component (paxscript-net.dll) which can be used with Microsoft Visual Studio .NET, Delphi 8, Delphi 2005 and C# Builder. The component allows you to embed paxScript.NET interpreter in your WinForms or ASP.NET application so you can customize and extend the application without having to recompile it. - Any classes, structures, enumerations, arrays, delegates, events and interfaces of host application can be used in a script. - Method Invoke of PaxScripter class allows you to call script-defined methods from host application. - Debug capabilities: breakpoints, call stack, watch/evaluate, trace into, step over etc.
VIRT Laboratory
Shareware; $189.00
420 KB
Windows 2000/XP/2003

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