Download Interbase/Firebird Development Studio 5.0

Interbase/Firebird Development Studio is a power-packed, fully-loaded solution that most database programmers and administrators can only dream about-at a price you can afford. All stages of your database development, from design to deployment to maintenance, are easy, flexible, and powerful. With Interbase/Firebird Development Studio, you get the most powerful tools for the first time ever-dynamic errors highlighting and refactoring of SQL code. Refactoring allows you to quickly and easily change the project structure to accommodate new features, requirements, or external systems. And, at last, you can now develop error-free code quickly and easily-when code errors highlight dynamically. Our exclusive Database Designer presents the next step in the evolution of database development. Go to work now-with all the tools other developers wish they had-in one complete solution. You can enjoy working in groups with other database developers-while you quickly deploy robust applications. You can now optimize your SQL code and pinpoint bugs in your procedures and triggers immediately-with dynamic error highlighting and our SQL debugger. Lightening-fast queries are now yours-when you work with our Plan Visualizer. In a few seconds, you can update the structure of your production database-with our Database Comparer. In ways you never knew were possible, you can quickly and efficiently redesign, upgrade, and maintain your database with our performance analyzer, statistics analyzer, and database maintenance service.
SQLLY Development
Shareware; $199.00
7.7 MB
Windows 98/Me/NT/2000/XP/2003

Free download Interbase/Firebird Development Studio 5.0 - ibds_setup.exe

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