Download PPC-PROTECT 1.1

PPC-PROTECT - the system of software protection for Windows CE (PocketPC) applications with ARM core, designed for quick implementation of application protection functions. PPC-PROTECT is designed for such specific tasks as working with registration keys and creation of trial application versions. PPC-PROTECT includes the following features: - compression of the executable code and resources - encryption of the application - counteraction to debuggers and disassemblers - application integrity check - API for interaction between application and protection routines - possibility to create evaluation (trial) versions, that limits application functions basing on evaluation time, expose nag-screens - creation and verification of registration keys using public keys encryption algorithms (ECC) or using Reverse Polish Notation algorithms (RPN) - generating of registration keys, based on the specific computer system
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Free download PPC-PROTECT 1.1 - ppc-protect-demo.exe

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