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On the Ipad app Pages can you save documents that you wrote?

After you type a document,can you save it to the application or to the ipad so you can use AirPrint when it is available? Or can you only type then im ... Read more (1 answers)

 bita chica

How to use MP3 sound cutter to take the first part of a song ?

I have a song and i just need the first 2 mnts of it so hw can i do that (never used it before :S) ... Read more (1 answers)

Lovey Dovey
Lovey D...

What do you think of Eset Security Anti Virus?

Would like some opinions before downloading or possibly upgrading to Eset Smart Security V.4.0 ... Read more (4 answers)


What should I do with all of these brand new cables?

Well i have hundreds and hundreds of brand new Belkin patch cables in the bag. I listed a lot of stuff on eBay and that got me nowhere. I only got pro ... Read more (1 answers)


Can someone tell me what this is?

Home.Plan.Pro.v5.2.23.24.Incl.Keygen-Lz0 ... Read more (2 answers)


Do you think I should learn HTML?

I'm inspired by the Facebook story and I want to learn how to make websites. Something that everyone will want to use. I'm planning to go to ... Read more (4 answers)

lucky and good
lucky a...

Does an sd to hd video converter exist?

To my knowledge this does not exist but i am watching a lot of old movies in hd quality these days(edward scissorhands) i dought they used a converte ... Read more (5 answers)


Updating my windows phone?

I have a htc surround and it telling me there is a update but i need to plug it into the computer so i did and there was a update threw zune but its s ... Read more (2 answers)

Howard Jones
Howard ...

How do i remove security from a pdf?

I recently downloaded an assignment task sheet (pdf file format), but it's password protected and it won't let me print it!My teac ... Read more (1 answers)

I AM MO...

I need help with writing a Tic Tac Toe GUI-based Java program!?

Ok here is what I have so far. Driver class works great, its the GUI Im having trouble with, specifically the logic when the action event gets impleme ... Read more (1 answers)


In Internet Explorer 9, is there a default I can set...?

That changes a clicked Y!A Q&A link from the blue to purple or some other color? I noticed in the last couple of days that this isn't happen ... Read more (1 answers)


Why is my computer always jam?

When I was seeing video or playing game online my computer not responding! I am sick of that what would I do? ... Read more (1 answers)

Shrona S
Shrona ...

Java Program problem?

Java program to convert the Rupees to Dollars.I dont know to to program this. Please somebody give me the program. I need it urgently. ... Read more (2 answers)


Need for Speed most wanted on Mac HELP?

How can i run at widescreen , i got a MBA 1440x900 , but it only runs at 4:3 ratio. thanks ... Read more (1 answers)


I am having trouble getting this linked list to work in C++?

I am having a compiler error that causes a screen to pop up that says break or continue. I know it is something wrong with my program but I am at a l ... Read more (2 answers)


How can we create website templates?what software do we use for this purpose?

I know HTML, but it's not just sufficient for creating attractive web pages. and also, is joomla a programming language or a software? ... Read more (2 answers)

v ...
Tom Rowley
Tom Row...

How do I zoom in on pictures from the internet without it getting blocky?

I'm doing a project to show at school. ... Read more (1 answers)

Richard C

Pc speedscan pro uninstall?

How do i uninstall pc speedscan pro , have tried add/remove . ... Read more (2 answers)

Tom Finger
Tom Fin...

DVD to iPad solution? :/?

I got iPad 2 last week and I want to throw some DVDs to my ipad. Note that I don't mean I have some AVI files or something like that, it's a ... Read more (2 answers)


How to convert .m4v to another format? (like mp4)?

I'm trying to convert this almost 4 second long .m4v clip into a .mp4 or another video file so that I am able to make it into a .gif. H ... Read more (5 answers)


3D based program that generates realistic human figures?

I need a program which generates realistic 3D human figures, that allows you to turn angles, bend any joints and converts that to a high definition fi ... Read more (1 answers)


How to count selected MS Office 2010 page, total words in ?

How to count selected MS Office 2010 page, total words in ? ... Read more (2 answers)


How to calculate tax on an excel spreadsheet? Help PLEASE!?

I have a job interview in the sales department at a hotel, and one of my interview tasks is to take a hotel sales document, with a certain amount of r ... Read more (1 answers)


What is Web Attack: Exploit Kit Variant Activity 3?

My security blocked it and it says the attack came from my own computer . This happened 3 times and i ran my virus scanner and nothing showed up. ... Read more (1 answers)


Can you get a virus from downloading files from 4shared?

Sometimes below the download button it says no virus detected, sometimes it doesn't. So is it safe in both cases or what? ... Read more (3 answers)


Help os problem help please?

I lost my windows 7 home premium os on my pc and wont load up only linux but I don't like it if I put a win7 home premium disk can I do I system ... Read more (3 answers)


C++ for loop to do while?

Somebody convert for loop to do-while loop on c++int sum = 0;for( int i = 0; i <5; i++)sum += i;cout << sum; ... Read more (1 answers)

Alexis A
Alexis ...

What Philippine Freelancer Group with Low Cost in Web Design?

What Philippine Freelancer Group with Low Cost in Web Design? ... Read more (1 answers)


Windows 7 Ultimate Languages?

What languages are the 35 different languages available ... Read more (4 answers)

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